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How to Rotate the Screen on Chromebook With Keyboard?

Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and user-friendly interface, making tasks like screen rotation straightforward. While many users are accustomed to touch gestures, rotating the screen using keyboard shortcuts can be equally convenient. Device users should learn how to rotate the screen on a Chromebook with the keyboard. Before exploring screen rotation methods, familiarize yourself with […]

How to Remove Horizontal Lines On Laptop Screen?

Are you frustrated by the appearance of horizontal lines on your laptop display panel? Want to know how to remove these horizontal lines on the laptop screen? Don’t worry and follow these seven easy steps and enjoy a clear laptop display: Check display connections Update graphics drivers Run display diagnostics Adjust display settings Perform a […]

How To Clean Water Out Of The Chromebook Keyboard?

Spilling water on your Chromebook’s keyboard is one of those terrifying accidents that can happen to any Chromebook user. But don’t worry! You can easily remove water from the Chromebook keyboard to keep working or playing on it. To start, power off your Chromebook, disconnect all external devices and flip it. After that, open its […]