How to Fix HDMI Port on PS4

Ps4 HDMI Port

PlayStation 4 not responding due to a loose or damaged HDMI port is a common issue nowadays. Poor connectivity might be caused by multiple factors, such as dust accumulation, broken pins, or wear and tear. However, you don’t need to panic, as the port issue can be resolved by applying dedicated solutions. If your HDMI port issue still persists, you can seek professional assistance to get things rolling again. You can connect with expert technicians at our console repair shop for a durable solution. 

4 Common Reasons Behind PS4 HDMI Port Issue

Knowing the actual cause of your PS4 HDMI port malfunctioning could be the first successful step to resolving the problem. Here are some common causes that you should know.

  • Dust Accumulation: If your HDMI port has dust buildups, it can disrupt the smooth video signal transmission. 
  • Defective Chip: In some cases, your PS4 motherboard may have a faulty chip that can stop your system from building a smooth connection.
  • Damaged Pins: Inserting or unplugging your HDMI cable forcefully can break or bend the pins, causing connectivity problems.
  • Wear and Tear: If you change your PS4 place and plug HDMI frequently, the port will become loose or get damaged. 

9 Essential Things to Fix Your PS4 HDMI Port

In order to repair your PS4 HDMI port, you will need to gather all essentials. Have a glance at the list of things you will need throughout the process.

  1. Solder Tin
  2. Solder Flux
  3. Solder Wick
  4. Soldering Iron
  5. Magnification Tool
  6. Desoldering Pump
  7. Hot Air Rework Station
  8. HDMI Port Repair Kit
  9. Replacement HDMI Port

7 Steps to Fix an HDMI Port on Your PS4

If you’re unable to enjoy your gaming sessions due to an HDMI port issue, you will need to apply an effective solution. To do this, you can follow the given steps to fix an HDMI port on the PlayStation 4.

1. Clean the Dirt or Debris

Fixing your PS4 HDMI port starts with cleaning out the dust and debris buildup. Dirt accumulation can stop your port from connecting properly and make it unresponsive. You can use a toothpick to get stuck particles out of the port. Then, applying compressed air helps to remove the remaining debris. 

2. Open Your Console Casing

Once you have removed visible dirt or debris from the outer side of the HDMI port, you can disassemble the case of your PS4. To do this, you can remove the stickers and unscrew the screws with a compatible screwdriver. Moreover, you should follow the device’s manual to avoid any damage. 

3. Remove the Broken HDMI Port

After that, you will need to remove the damaged HDMI port. To do this, you should first disconnect the wires and unplug your console from the power supply. Then, you can desolder the previous HDMI port with a soldering iron. While doing it, you should note down the points and port orientation. 

4. Solder a New HDMI Port

Then, it’s time to insert the new HDMI port. Remember the exact points and orientation while placing the port onto the motherboard. Once everything is ready, you can use a solder to secure the port. Moreover, you should clean the connections to regain functionality. 

5. Reassemble Your PlayStation

Have you finished fixing the port? Now is the time to reassemble your PlayStation. You can use the same screwdriver to fix the case. Ensure the screws are tight enough to keep everything in place.

6. Test the HDMI Connectivity

Cheers! You have fixed your PS4 HDMI port. Now, you can proceed to check its functionality by building a connection. You should test whether the cable is providing audio or video signals. 

7. Get Expert Assistance

Are you still struggling with your PS4 HDMI port? The best way is to get professional console repair services from expert technicians. For this purpose, you can connect with Cell N Tech to find a durable solution. We have skillful technicians who can inspect the problem and provide an authentic solution so you can enjoy your time.

Can the PS4 HDMI port be fixed?

As a matter of fact, an HDMI port can be fixed if it doesn’t have serious damage. In any case, if your PS4 port is loose or damaged, the only way you have left is to replace it. You can contact a professional technician specializing in PS4 repair services to get your port repaired or replaced.

How can I change the HDMI output on my PS4?

You can change your PS4’s HDMI output by following simple steps. First, access the “Settings” of your console. After that, select “Sound and Screen” and choose the “Video Output Settings” option. Lastly, adjust the resolution settings to your desires.

Can I use my PS4 without an HDMI cable?

Using your PS4 without an HDMI cable is possible because the console system has multiple connection options. You can build a connection using a component cable or a composite cable. These cables can work, but they offer slightly lower visual quality. 


All in all, a PlayStation is your entertainment partner, but you cannot enjoy your gaming experience when it has a damaged HDMI port. You will need to fix it to ensure smooth connectivity. For your help, we have added a complete guide on how to fix the HDMI port on PS4 with step-by-step instructions. You can begin by cleaning the dust or debris and opening the case of your system. Then, you can take out the damaged HDMI port and solder the new one. After that, reassemble and test the functionality. However, if you still face HDMI port problems, you can get assistance from our Ps4 repair services.