How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing?

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing?

Dealing with a cracked laptop screen starts with assessing the damage. For minor cracks, a quick fix like clear packing tape can prevent further issues. However, for a more durable solution, turning to a DIY repair kit is the way to go. These kits provide everything you need, such as liquid adhesive or epoxy, to fix the cracks effectively. With these methods, you can prolong the life of your laptop screen until you’re ready for a permanent fix. Here are some effective tips for repairing a cracked laptop screen. If they don’t work for your laptop or you are unable to apply them, you can seek laptop repair professional assistance.

Common Reasons Behind a Cracked Laptop Screen

Before trying any solution, you need to assess the actual reason behind the cracked laptop screen. Here are some common causes of a shattered laptop screen.

  • Accidental Damage: If you have accidentally dropped your laptop, it can result in a serious damage to the screen. Cloud water patch inside laptop screen can also be a cause of cracking.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Sometimes, inherent defects in the system can cause malfunction or breakdown. 
  • Excessive Pressure: A severe collision or excessive pressure can cause the screen to crack or break.
  • Electrical Problems: Leaving your system plugged in for longer can cause internal failure in the electrical components of the screen.

6 Solutions to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing

In order to repair a cracked laptop screen, you need to implement a safe method. The following are some dedicated solutions to give your laptop a new lifeline.

1. Clean Dust or Debris

Dust buildup in the holes or surrounding components can contribute to screen malfunctioning. To prevent damage, turn off your laptop and clean the dust with a soft microfiber towel. Use a 70% isopropyl alcohol mixture to remove smudges or fingerprints. 

2. Restart Your Laptop

Sometimes, bugs can stop your laptop’s screen from functioning properly. To eliminate this issue, you can restart your laptop by following these steps.

  • First of all, press the “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” keys simultaneously to access the settings panel.
  • Then, click the “Power” icon and select the “Restart” option from the menu. 
  • After restarting, check whether the issue has been removed.

3. Fix the Dead Pixels

If your laptop screen has dead pixels or horizontal lines, they can cause a big problem. They can suddenly change their color and ruin your experience. To resolve this issue, you can get a recommended pixel-fixing or line-fixing software from the internet and use it according to instructions.

4. Update the Video Drivers

There is a possibility that outdated or irrelevant video drivers are causing screen issues. To eliminate this problem, you can update the drivers by following these steps.

  • Enter “Device Manager” in the search bar and open it. 
  • Then, select “Display Adapters” from the given list of options.
  • Choose the “Update Driver” option to get the new version.

5. Use an External Monitor

If you don’t want to use solutions to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it, you can get an external monitor. You can attach your functional laptop to the monitor via HDMI or USB-C cable.

6. Seek Professional Assistance

In critical situations, you may feel helpless to repair your cracked laptop screen. At that moment, you can seek professional assistance from a reliable laptop repair shop like Cell N Tech. We have highly skilled technicians who inspect and repair all issues with laptops, no matter the brand or model. Our Laptop Screen repair services encompass everything from screen replacements to hardware troubleshooting and software fixes.


No doubt, the screen is the face of your laptop that needs to be functioning accurately. In some cases, it can be cracked due to manufacturing defects, malfunctioning, collision, or accidental drops. To resolve all issues, you can apply dedicated solutions that we have discussed in the above article. These solutions include restarting your laptop, cleaning dust or debris, fixing the dead pixels, updating video drivers, or using an external monitor. If you need more than these methods for your laptop, you can get professional help from Cell N Tech. We have qualified laptop repair technicians to resolve all simple to complex laptop issues.

Important FAQs

Q1:Can heat damage a laptop screen?

Yes, too high or too low temperatures can damage laptop screens. Direct exposure to high temperatures can distort or break the screen. Also, cold temperatures impose extreme impacts. Plus, liquid spills could cause a major problem with your laptop’s screen.

Q2:Can a cracked laptop screen still work?

A cracked laptop screen can still work, but using a laptop with a cracked screen is not a good idea. If the moisture moves inside, it can cause serious damage to electrical components. Also, the exposed circuits may produce electric shocks during direct contact. 

Q3:How can I hide my cracked laptop screen?

You can hide your cracked laptop screen by applying tempered glass. There are also many screen covers available in the market to hide small cracks on the laptop screen.