How to Fix Samsung Phone Overheating Problem?

Overheated Phone

Overheating is the most common Samsung problem users face, but certain methods can help them fix this issue. However, sometimes, you might ignore fixing the issue, which can have serious consequences like battery damage, performance slowdown, damage to the internal components, swollen batteries lead to fires any many others. So, if you want to avoid these problems, follow these Samsung overheating solutions mentioned below. Further more overheating problems can not be resolved then must take your phone to nearest samsung phone repair shop.

10 Steps to Fix Samsung Phone Overheating Problem?

Here are certain ways with the help of them anyone can fix a Samsung phone overheating problem.

1. Let Your Device Cool Down First

The first step to fix the Samsung phone overheating problem is to let your device cool down by shutting it down and restarting it.

Here’s the Solution:

  • First, you will press and hold the Power button.
  • Do this until the menu appears.
  • Now, tap the Power Off option.
  • You should wait for a few minutes or until the phone cools down.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button to restart the device.

Samsung users should also understand the causes of overheating. They must analyze various factors to determine the reasons.

2. Knowing The Cause Of Overheating

Samsung users should also understand the causes of overheating. They must analyze various factors to determine the reasons.

  •  Your phone was exposed to the sun or lying in a heated room for too long.
  •  You have been using your Samsung phone for an extensive time.
  •  You have opened multiple apps.
  •  You are using a damaged or defective charger.
  •  Your Samsung phone is attacked by viruses.

3. Keep All Unused Apps Closed

Another step to fix the overheating issue is to close all unnecessary and unused apps. Closing them will not overburden the CPU, battery, and screen.

Here’s the Solution:

  • You should open the apps menu by pressing the Home button.
  • It will open a tab of your unused apps.
  • Now, you can swipe up the tabs to remove them.

4. Always Use Features When Necessary

Sometimes, keeping certain features like location, Bluetooth, mobile data, and Wi-Fi will also cause overheating because they overuse the battery, CPU, and screen. So, you should keep them closed to avoid this problem.

Here’s the Solution:

  • Firstly, swipe the screen from the top to reveal the Quick Setting Menu.
  • Secondly, tap on the icons that you want to turn off.
  • Lastly, swipe the screen back up to close the menu.

5. Delete the Power-Consuming Apps

Another vital step users can take to fix Samsung battery overheating is to delete the apps that use the maximum battery, screen time, and CPU.

Here’s the Solution:

  • You should go to the Settings.
  • Then, find the Battery and Device Care.
  • Now, check the apps list to learn which ones consume the most power and delete them.

6. Lower the Screen Brightness to Minimum

People often keep the screen brightness to a maximum so that they can view everything. However, keeping the brightness high will increase the phone’s temperature.

Here’s the Solution:

  • First, you must swipe down the screen from the top to show the Quick Setting Menu.
  • A slider will show which can adjust the brightness.
  • Now, slide the panel left to right or right to left to increase or decrease the brightness.

7. Update Your Samsung Software Whenever Required

Phone users should also update the software to prevent Samsung phones from overheating. The updates have bug fixes that help keep the phone cool and solve common phone software problems.

Here’s the Solution:

  • Samsung users should go to the Settings.
  • Then, find the Software Update option.
  • Now, tap on the Download and Install to complete the process.

8. Turn On the Battery Saver Mode

As phone repair technicians suggest to understand that the battery-saver mode is vital for reducing battery usage and avoiding overheating.

Here’s the Solution:

  • You will go to the Settings in the Menu.
  • Select Battery to turn on the Battery or Power Saving Mode.
  • You can also swipe the screen down from the top to access the Quick Setting menu.
  • Now, choose the Battery-Saver icon to turn it on.

9. Perform a Factory Reset

You should remember that this step will restore the original settings by deleting all current ones. It will also delete the data, so ensure you have backed up your device.

Here’s the Solution:

  • Firstly, create a backup file or transfer the data to another device.
  • Then, go to the Settings menu, where you will find the General Management option.
  • Next, you should select Reset and tap on Factory Data Reset.
  • Finally, follow the instructions to reset the device.

10. Get Help from Professionals

If your Samsung phone still overheats after trying all these steps, it might be time to seek professional help. You can visit an authorized Samsung service center or reputable third-party technicians like Cell N Tech to get your phone checked and repaired.


To conclude this discussion, learning how to fix the Samsung phone overheating problem is vital to increasing the lifespan and performance of your device. So, Samsung users should follow repair steps such as determining why their phone overheats, letting it cool down, keeping all unused apps closed, using features when necessary, and deleting the power-consuming apps. Also, they should lower the screen brightness to a minimum, update software whenever required, turn on the battery-saver mode, perform a factory reset, and get help from professionals offering phone repair.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that my Samsung phone is overheating?

Signs that your Samsung phone is overheating include feeling excessively hot to the touch and experiencing performance issues like sluggishness or unexpected shutdowns.

What do you do if your Samsung phone overheats and won’t turn on?

If your Samsung phone overheats and won’t turn on, let it cool down in a shaded area, avoid using it, try restarting it, or seek professional assistance.

Why is my phone overheating while doing nothing?

Your phone may overheat due to constantly running background apps, outdated software, malware, or a faulty battery. To resolve the issue, you should check for software updates, close background apps, and scan for malware.