How to Fix Water Damaged Laptop Screen?

Water Damaged Laptop Screen

Have you dropped water on your laptop? There is a possibility that the spilled water may seep into the laptop screen and cause damage. We understand it could be a perplexing situation for you, but you don’t need to worry. Every problem comes with a solution, and you have to find it.  In order to help you make your laptop screen functional again, this article presents a comprehensive guide on how to fix a water-damaged laptop screen. You can follow these steps:

  • Disconnect external devices
  • Open the laptop casing
  • Remove the water cleanly
  • Attach the screen back

Applying these steps and moisture-absorbing materials is a good technique, but you may feel unsure while using them. Therefore, getting help from a professional would be the ultimate solution. We provide high-quality laptop screen repair services at Cell N Tech. Our technicians inspect and remove all problem with your laptop screen.

11 Steps to Fix Your Water-Damaged Laptop Screen?

Fixing a water-damaged laptop screen requires a proper method to achieve the desired results. We have discussed easy guidelines and solutions here to help you follow the right method.

1. Disconnect External Devices

The very first thing you can do is remove the external devices, such as charger, USB cable, or external hard drive. Also, try to detach the laptop battery if it’s removable. After removing all the external accessories, turn off the laptop to avoid short circuits and other internal damage.

2. Open the Laptop Casing

After that, take a screwdriver and open all the screws to remove the casing. You must open the screws carefully, as the forceful impact can damage the whole screen. Then, detach the screen to proceed to the drying process. It’s a little bit of a risky task, so you can get the help of a professional.

3. Remove the Water

Now, a major step starts that involves removing the water from all the parts of your laptop, especially the screen. You can use these methods to remove water from your laptop screen and remove the cloud patch.

4. Soft Paper Cloth

Take a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the water away from the screen. You should avoid rubbing or pressing because it can spread the water or cause scratches on the screen.

5. Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel packs are an effective way to dry devices. Place your laptop screen in a container with a few silica packets and close the lid. You should leave it for at least one day and let the silica gel absorb moisture.

6. Vacuum Pump

Get a vacuum pump with a nozzle attachment and run it over the affected areas of the laptop screen. The suction pump will pull out all the water. However, avoid touching the vacuum to the screen to prevent scratches.

7. Air Dryer

You can use a hairdryer at a low heat value to evaporate the water on the screen. Ensure that some distance is maintained for safety and even heat distribution. Remember, overheating can cause further damage. 

8. Use a Fan

Another efficient way is to use a fan from a safe distance. Run the fan at a fine speed for a few hours to remove excess water and moisture. Don’t keep the fans too close to the screen. 

9. Desk Lamp and Windowsill

The combination of artificial heat and natural light does the trick. You can set up your desk lamp and place your laptop near the sunny windowsill. You can leave the screen in this position for a few hours.

10. Attach the Screen Back

Once all the laptop components have been dried, you can proceed to put your laptop screen back on. Connect the wires carefully and turn on your laptop. See whether the screen is functioning properly or not. 

11. Seek Expert Help 

Removing water from a laptop screen is not an easy task for anyone. Rather, you can seek professional help from a reliable laptop screen repair shop. At Cell N Tech, we have highly trained technicians who can remove water from your laptop screen and make it functional again. So, get services from our professionals at affordable rates.


All in all, unintentional water spills on the laptop can cause screen damage. However, there are many effective methods to remove the water from the laptop screen. To help you get the right guidelines, we have added complete details in the above article. The steps you can follow include detaching external accessories, opening the laptop casing, removing the water, and attaching your screen back to power on. Moreover, you can apply different substances, such as soft paper cloth, vacuum pump, silica gel packs, air dry, windowsill and desk lamp, and fan. Removing water from a laptop screen is not a DIY task. Rather, you can get assistance from an expert to make your screen work again. At Cell N Tech, we have skillful technicians who provide seamless laptop repair services at reasonable rates. Moreover, we take care of your device throughout the repair or replacement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use rice to remove water from my laptop screen?

A: Some people use uncooked rice to absorb moisture, but it’s not a reliable solution for a water-damaged laptop screen. This is because rice particles can enter the internal parts of the device and cause more harm than drying. Instead, you can use silica gel packs or paper towels.

How should I remove moisture from a laptop screen?

A: First of all, turn off the laptop and use a lint-free cloth to efficiently remove the excess water from a screen. You can use moisture-absorbing agents, such as uncooked oatmeal or silica gel in a sealed container. 

How long should I wait to power on my laptop after water damage?

A: Keeping your laptop off for at least 24 to 48 hours is necessary to remove all the moisture before turning it on again. This duration allows water to evaporate and eliminates the risk of short circuits and other electrical damage.