6 Tips To Save Money When Getting A Cell Phone Fixed

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There’s nothing wrong with being frugal in today’s economy, especially if you’re dealing with the unexpected cost of a broken cell phone. We’ll teach you some things regarding the cell phone repair store in Beddington BLVD, NW, that will help you save money. Let the countdown begin! Water-damaged phones should be repaired immediately. You might […]

3 Things To Do Before You Send Your Phone In For Repairs

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Jane McGonigal, a game designer, claimed in late 2020 that someone had hacked into her phone after she sent her Pixel 5a in for repairs and accessed her “Gmail, Drive, photographs, backup email account, Dropbox,” among other things, while also sending any security alarm emails to her spam folder. In a December 2021 interview with […]

Tips to Save iPhone Battery By Cell Phone Repair Store In Nw Calgary

iPhone Battery Issues

Battery life is one of the most important aspects of any smartphone. No one wants to have a phone that dies all the time. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips to help save your iPhone’s battery life. Many of these tips are simple things that you can do yourself, and they can […]

Leading Cell Phone Repair Store In Calgary, AB

Leading Cell Phone Repair Store In Calgary CA

Smartphone manufacturing has changed over the years – right from the small devices with buttons to big devices with touch systems. However, no matter how these cell phones are made, they are prone to some damage due to their excessive use. And when something like this happens, your phone won’t be able to perform as […]