Water-Damaged iPhone Turns On, But Its Screen Is Black

What To Do When A Water-Damaged Phone Turns On, But Its Screen Is Black?

Turn off your iPhone and give it a thorough cleaning with a soft cloth if the screen is black due to water damage. To absorb moisture, place the iPhone in a sealed container with uncooked rice or packets of silica gel for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons to try a hard reset after making sure the device is dry. Seek expert assistance from a technician or authorized iPhone repair center to evaluate and fix the water damaged phone that turns on but with a black screen if these measures are ineffective. 

Ways To Fix A Water-Damaged iPhone Which Turns On With Black Screen

Now, it’s time to give your water-damaged iPhone’s screen the silent but powerful treatment. 

Fast Moves To Save Your Device

Quick action is key, dear readers. To boost your chances of rescuing your soaked iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Shut It Down: Hold down that power button. Turning off your iPhone fast helps avoid electrical short circuits and stops more damage.
  • Be Gentle On The Outside: Grab a soft cloth or towel and gently dry off your iPhone. Skip the hairdryer—it’s a no-no and can mess up your device.
  • Battery Out (If You Can): If your iPhone has a removable battery, take it out. This trick helps avoid potential battery short circuits.

Drying Out And Saying Bye To Moisture

If waiting for 24 hours doesn’t do the trick, try these moisture-removing steps:

Let The Rice Show It’s Magic

You can place your iPhone in a container with uncooked rice or desiccant packets. These things soak up moisture. Leave it for at least 48 hours, checking for improvement.

Use Silica Gel 

Seal your iPhone in a bag with some silica gel cat litter. Just keep it away from direct contact with the litter. It’s like kitty litter but for your iPhone.

Call In The Pros

You should definitely think about the expert assistance. Reputable phone repair shops have top-notch equipment for drying. So, let them do their thing!

Warning: No Blow-Dryers!

Whatever you do, resist the urge to blast your iPhone with hot air from a blow-dryer. Water damage phone repair experts say it’s a bad move—it can mess up your iPhone insides.

Diagnosis And Rescue Time

If the dreaded water-damaged iPhone turns on, but its screen remains black, it’s expert time:

Pro Help Needed

Talk to a professional phone repairer. For quick fixes, hit up a store. They have a team of pros who can figure out and fix your wet iPhone.

In-Depth Checkup

Certified techies will dive deep. They’ll find out what’s causing the black screen, how bad the water damage is, and suggest the right fixes.

Parts Swap

Sometimes, swapping out some parts can bring your screen back to life. Let the pros handle it—they know how to remove water from inside the phone screen.

Preventive Tips To Avoid A Water-Damaged iPhone With Black Screen

You can prevent more water adventures with these safety tips:

  • Protect With Waterproof Casesr: Get a waterproof case or pouch. Save your iPhone from more water dramas.
  • Keep Distance From Water: Be careful—keep your iPhone away from water, especially in wet places.
  • Back it Up Regularly: Don’t lose your important stuff. Back up your iPhone often to avoid disasters like water damage.
  • Have Tech Insurance: Think about getting insurance that covers water damage. It’s like a safety net for unexpected mishaps.

Remember, prevention is the name of the game—so go waterproof. For more smart moves on beating water damage, check out CellNTech. With the right care, your iPhone will be back in action like nothing happened. Here’s to a dry and working iPhone!

Final Thoughts

A water-damaged iPhone with a black screen might seem like the game is over but don’t worry. Follow these quick moves and moisture-busting tricks, and get expert help, and you can bring your iPhone and its screen back to life.


Q1. Is it possible to repair a water-damaged iPhone?..

Contacting an Apple professional data recovery service is the best option if your water-damaged iPhone is no longer turning on and you need to recover data from it. These services will assist in recovering deleted images, videos, contacts, and other crucial files.

Q2. How long does an iPhone with water damage take to dry out?

There may still be liquid in the connector or under the cable’s pins if you see the alert once more. For up to a day, keep your iPhone in a dry place with some airflow. During this time, you can attempt to connect or charge an accessory once more. To completely dry, it could take up to 24 hours. 

Q3. Which method works best for drying out a wet iPhone?

With the Lightning or USB-C connector facing down, gently tap the iPhone to remove any remaining liquid. Keep the gadget somewhere dry and well-ventilated. To expedite the drying process, place the device in front of a fan that is blowing cool air directly into the Lightning or USB-C connector