Fix the keyboard that Types Wrong Characters on iPad

fix the keyboard that types the wrong characters on the iPad

Are you struggling with the irritating issue of your iPad’s keyboard, which is typing the wrong characters? It’s a common headache that can slow down your productivity and dampen your enthusiasm. But don’t worry, fellow iPad users! To help you, the expert techs of CellNtech share several simple and powerful solutions if you’re wondering how to fix your keyboard by typing the wrong characters on an iPad

The steps include restarting your iPad, checking language and region settings, and adjusting keyboard settings. Besides this, you can update iOS, check for third-party keyboard apps, and clean the keyboard. Resetting the keyboard dictionary and resetting all settings are also crucial steps to follow. And finally, contact Apple Support or authorized repair service providers to get rid of the pesky problem that your iPad’s keyboard is creating.

To learn the process in detail, keep reading!

Steps to Follow:  Fix the Keyboard When it’s Typing Wrong Characters on an iPad

No need to worry about finding out how to fix the keyboard when it’s typing the wrong characters on an iPad. We’ve got the easy steps enlisted here!

Restarting the iPad

Let’s begin with the basics. Sometimes, all your iPad requires is a quick restart to get rid of any remaining software system glitches. Press and hold the power button, then swipe to power off. After a few moments, power it on again and check if the keyboard behaves as it should.

Checking Language and Location Settings

Your iPad’s language and location settings can be causing keyboard confusion. Head over to Settings > General > Language & Region. Ensure that the chosen language is the one you want to use. It’s an easy step that is very effective in resolving the difficulty.

Adjust Keyboard Settings

Your keyboard settings can be the culprit behind the incorrect character input. Navigate to Settings, faucet on General, and then Keyboard. Take a look at the settings, and try turning off functions, which include Auto-Correction or Auto-Capitalization. Sometimes, those settings can create more chaos than convenience. It will help you figure out how to fix the keyboard by typing the wrong characters on an iPad.

Update iOS

Keeping your iPad’s operating system updated is vital for smooth functionality. Go to Settings, tap on General, then Software Update. If there are any updates available, follow the on-screen instructions to install them. An updated iOS can frequently sort out any viruses causing the keyboard to misbehave.

Check for Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Have you recently installed any third-party keyboard apps? These can sometimes clash with the default iPad keyboard, leading to unexpected behavior. Try returning to the original Apple keyboard and observe if the problem persists. It may be the switch your iPad wants to type correctly again.

Clean the Keyboard

A simple yet often overlooked solution is to offer your iPad keyboard a thorough cleansing. Dust and debris can collect, causing the keys to get stuck or input the incorrect characters. Grab a soft, dry fabric and gently clean the keyboard, ensuring to dispose of any potential obstructions causing the miscommunication. 

Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Your iPad’s keyboard dictionary might have acquired some incorrect data, leading to the typing discrepancies. To reset the keyboard dictionary, visit Settings, tap on General, then choose Reset, and in the end, Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Bear in mind that this action will erase any custom words you’ve added.

Reset All Settings

If all else fails, do not panic. You can reset all settings on your iPad. Head over to Settings, tap on General, then select Reset, and in the end, Reset All Settings. Rest assured, this will not delete any of your data, but it’ll reset all settings back to their authentic configurations. Give this a try to see if it makes a difference.

Contact Apple Support or Certified Service Center

If, despite all your efforts, the keyboard continues to behave stubbornly, it’s time to seek expert repair services. Get in touch with Apple Support or visit a certified service centre. Their knowledgeable team of techs can provide further guidance and help in resolving the issue.


In the end, wondering how to fix a keyboard by typing the wrong characters on an iPad can be frustrating, but it is a hurdle that can be overcome with the proper process. By following these simple yet powerful steps, you can bid farewell to the keyboard woes and experience a seamless typing experience on your iPad again. So, friend, get ready to reclaim your smooth and effortless typing experience on your trusty iPad!