Tips By Cell Phone Repair Store in Calgary AB To Protect Phone Screen

Tips By Cell Phone Repair Store in Calgary CA To Protect Phone Screen

The screen remains the most repaired part of the cell phone till this time. So, even if your phone was able to sustain a few falls, you might not be that lucky next time. While you can’t eliminate the risk 100%, still there are some things you can do to minimize the chances of screen breakage. In this blog post, our technicians at a cell phone repair store in Calgary, AB, have shortlisted 5 tips you can use to protect your mobile screen against the hard drops. 

Keep on reading to know what they are.

Use Tempered Glass Protector – Suggested By Cell Phone Repair Store In Calgary, CA

The best way to avoid shattering the mobile screen is to apply a tempered glass protector to it. It is an additional layer of protection over your device, which helps it sustain the light and hard falls to some extent. 

Imagine a situation – you have dropped your phone accidentally – it may break the protector, but will protect the screen underneath. If that happens, you can easily replace the screen protector, which is much more reasonable financially than replacing the screen. Remember, even these protectors come with different levels of quality, so make sure you choose the best one. 

However, if you have broken your screen by purchasing a low-quality protector, don’t panic. CellNTech is here at your service! We replace screens at affordable prices with an additional warranty.

Get A Bumper Case

In addition to buying a tempered glass screen protector, get your device a bumper case as well. They protect cell phones if they hit a hard surface by mistake. On contact with anything, the bump on the case will hit first rather than the mobile screen. 

Apart from protecting the screen, it also saves the device’s design. Many people prefer glass build nowadays when it comes to phones – similar to the front screen, the rear is also not as strong, which makes it prone to breakage. The bumper case will save the phone from various other repairs as well.

Add A Pop Socket

You may be wondering how ring holders or pop sockets help – but we recommend our customers at the cell phone repair center in Calgary, AB since they might not protect the screen directly, but give you a more firm grip. Both of these accessories come in different designs and concepts – you can attach any of them to the back of your phone, so your device doesn’t slip from your hand. Besides that, you can also use them to stand your phone while you are streaming something on the phone. 

Use A Car Phone Holder

To protect the phone screen while driving, it is important to install a car phone holder. It offers a stronghold to the phone and allows you to use it without the risk of fall, which can cause the screen to break. You can attach it somewhere visible and within your reach. More so, this accessory is pretty affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the budget.

Avoid Placing Any Items On The Phone

Smartphones are powerful; however, their build is fragile. Their screen can break if you put heavy objects on top of it, which can end up needing to visit a cell phone repair store in Calgary, AB. Therefore, make sure to take the necessary steps to protect your phone from such damages.

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We hope this guide will help you save your cell phone screen from unexpected breakage. However, if it still happens, get in touch with our cell phone repair store in Calgary, AB, and let our technicians fix your device. For an appointment, contact us now.